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Free Printable: Weird Little Valentine’s Day Cards

Weird Little Valentines - Robert

Display of small weird Valentine's Day cardsLast year I made a display of little Valentine’s Day cards and left it in Walgreens. I also set up a display of free cards in the library of my local community college. (I escaped just as the librarian was talking in hushed tones to campus police about some guy who was loitering…)

This year I am giving away the print file for free! Download the PDF at the link below, and print some weird little Valentines for your friends. I used a heavy cardstock paper, and printed on both sides (flipped along the long edge). Then simply cut and fold.

Download Printable PDF

If you don’t want to do all that tiresome printing, cutting, and folding, you can buy a pack of these cards here and make me do it for you.

Or send a weird Valentine eCard!