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PokeyMa’am Art Files

Our t-shirt printing provider has declined to print our PokeyMa’am designs, which is understandable given how lawsuit-happy The Pokemon Company can be. Even fair use parody works present a risk when a huge company loves to sue and has mountains of cash they can easily afford to throw away on the case.

So, here are the PokeyMa’am art files for free download. You are welcome to upload them anywhere and create a shirt for yourself.

Pokeymaam Pink Achoo T-Shirt

PokeyMa'am Charming Her T-Shirt

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Mask Applied Poster

Mask your wallet

Some local businesses still being overly zealous with their mask rules, without any good reason (beyond fear and virtue-signaling). If they still require masks and are being assholes about it, you can put up this sign nearby. If masks are required, I’ll mask my wallet. Thanks for the money-saving tip, guys!

Download link:

✅ Mask Applied (PDF)

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Since posting my How to Wear a Mask sign, I have received multiple requests from fans for the printable file so that they can hang up their own copies. The files below are PDFs. (Note: the file was designed with 0.17″ page margins, so you may need to adjust your printer settings to get a full print. Alternatively you could scale down the print slightly.)

Please share photos of your signs when your put them up by tagging me @LegbootLegit on social media!