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Donation Transparency Report (Please Do Not The Cat)

please do not the cat

Earlier this year we pledged to donate 100% of profits from the sale of Please Do Not The Cat shirts to no-kill cat shelters, and since that time we’ve raised about $1700!

We took suggestions from the “please do not the cat” group on Facebook about which organizations to benefit with our donations, and compiled those suggestions into a list of 14 shelters. Over the last few weeks, we’ve reached out to these organizations via email and Facebook message to arrange donations and confirm participation. One group declined to participate, and 5 others did not respond to any of our messages. This brings the final donation list down to 8 shelters, among which the funds have been divided equally.



OrganizationDonationConfirmation / Info
Best Friends Animal Society$212.50Receipt from website donation
Fox Foster Kittens$212.50Receipt from PayPal donation
The Cat House On The Kings$212.50Mailed check
The Catcade$212.50Receipt from website donation
Whisker Stop$212.50Receipt from PayPal donation
Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.$212.50Receipt from PayPal donation
ECAH Animals$212.50Mailed check
SCAT Street Cat Rescue$212.50Mailed check


Thank you to everyone who purchased Please Do Not The Cat shirts, and for the suggestions for beneficiaries! Being able to donate $1700 to help cats in need feels pretty good, and the shelters who care for them are very grateful for your support.